Ario Date Co

 Ario Co is one of the most prominent and the largest supplier of the date Fruit in Iran.Ario Co was established in 1985 in order to providing and supplying various fresh kinds of the dateFruit such as pitted, fresh and dried dates in Iran and even abroad countries.

There are around 400 kinds of dates in Iran. Iranian dates have different attributes and degree of color which each of them are used differently. The most important date fruits are kinds such as Astamaran which is a semi- dried date,has export value and is one of the most  exporting production of Khouzestan province. the second one is Shahani which sometimes is called Khork Shani .the mentioned date is a dried date and the most important production of the Fars province.

Zahedi Date is a dried date but in some areas is considered as semi –dried date fruit. Its color is light brown , is  late- fruit and Borazjan , Kazerun and Boushehr  are the most cities that the date is grown is to be noted that  America and Iraq have the suitable condition for cultivation of Zahedi Date.

Kabkab , Rabbi , Barhi , Gantar , Allmehtari , Khazeavi , Khassui , Piarom , Mordar Sang and etc  are other kinds of the date but there is another kind of the date which among these kinds sounds more familiar! That is Mazafati date that can be considered as the most delicious kind of dates.It is wet and semi-wet date which mostly is cultivated in provinces such as Kerman, Iranshahr , Nickshahr , Tabas and etc.

The main activities of the ARIO company is growing, packaging and export of these date Fruit which within the thirty years ago, the company have had impressive record in this field.Ario CO by use of modern technologies, equipped cold storage, suitable price and also considering national and even international interests, became a reliable and valid supplier of the date fruit and also have managed to attract foreign markets such as Middle east, central Asian, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Europe in addition to internal markets of Iran that are some of the achievements of the company in this business.

 The main purpose of the Ario CO is providing and supplying high quality productions, customers satisfaction and consequently a useful and efficient trade in the world.