Kali Dates

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Kali Date Specification

  • Variety: Fresh & Semi Fresh
  • Color: Black – Brown
  • Description: Long, Oval, Soft, Thin, Meaty, Fully-cling to the flesh, 3 – 5 cm
  • Moisture: 14-17 %
  • Taste: Sweet with suitable sugar
  • Shelf Life: At 0 - 5 ° C temperature and cellophane & plastic about 12 - 18 Months.
  • Quality: Sorted, Cleaned & Semi-waxed (At customer request)
  • Packaging:
  • Bulk: 5kg |10Kg
  • Consumer Packs: 400 g | 500 | 600 g
  • Shipment: Dry or reefer container
  • Place of Origin: Iran


What is Kali Dates?

Kali Date is one of the most popular types of dates in Iran and has been able to attract many enthusiasts due to its quality. Kali dates are very similar to the Mazafati dates, and the difference between these two date varieties can be considered in the Kalita Dates color of the Mazafati dates. Kali dates have a soft and moist tissue, and the meat is easily opened in the mouth. Kali Date is Similar to Mozafati Dates with less moisture and more fiber.


Kali Dates Supplier

Ario Date Co is the main manufacturer and exporter of Kali Dates in the world. Our Kali Dates are 100 % Natural & Sweet and delicious. Trust us and we will perform your orders, and we know that we are judged by our performance, so we strive for your trust.