10 Best foods to eat

Appropriate mix of foods to supply vital nutritious substances in order to having healthy body is necessary! The most Healthiest foods in the world are natural and organic foods .the mentioned foods has superior taste ,low price and easily available. If you are looking for natural, delicious and nutritious foods ,the following 10 foods are considered as the most healthiest foots in the world!
1: first groups are Vegetables that you cannot make excuse about lacking the health benefits of vegetables .vegetables as a healthy food can control appetite ,so you will not eat food excessively .it will increase high blood pressure and also decrease the risk of eye and digestive problems .moreover, vegetables are so effective for preventing heart diseases ,stroke and cancers. The most nutritious vegetables are following types: tomato , cucumber , cabbage , potato , garlic , onion , asparagus , avocado , carrot , celery , melons , squash , turnip and lettuce!
2:second one is Fruit .fruits are the best medicinal natural gift which are the rich source mineral substances , vitamins , antioxidant and another beneficial substances named Phyto-nutrients .this foot has less calorie and fat and no cholesterol .fruits has great importance for preventing diseases , cancers , diabetes and weight-gain. Some of the nutritious fruits which can be added to your diet are : apple , banana , orange , kiwi , watermelon , lemon , fig , apricots , blueberries , grapefruit , pears , grapes , blackberries  and cantaloupe.
Moreover, dates fruit is considered as the most prominent and nutritious food in fruits group which is replete of mineral and vital substances like phosphorous ,calcium , iron and magnesium that each of them has notable effect for having healthy body. Iranian dates fruit due to its magnesium content is anti-cancer and beneficial for hearing ability .vision ability ,backache and joint pain.
3:Beans: grains are the best source of soluble fiber .this food is replete of iron , magnesium and folic acid. moreover, its iron content is useful for those who don’t interested with meat productions. Dried beans and peas has less fat and is rich source of protein which strengthens the body! Some of the important nutritious grains in the world are: black and white beans , dried peas , red bean , lentils and soybean.
4: whole Grains(beans and peas): whole grains has less fat and high fiber .this food is useful for heart and colon. Some of the nutritious grains are : joe , corn and millet
5:Sea Foods: sea foods supply vital nutrients particularly DHA , EPA and Omega3 which can prevent from severe diseases such as Diabetes  and heart diseases. Fish is a complete food with high nutritious value. due to its high amount of nutritious value , it is recommended to be consumed twice a week .See foods are  Halibut , cod , shrimp , sardine and scallop.
6:low-fat Fairy Products: dairy products and include 10 to 12% of total fat of nutritious diet .milk is rich source of vitamin B12 , vitamin D , calcium and phosphorous. It has high amount of saturated fat which can cause to weight gain. Low fat products can help to strong bones and prevent to gain weight and also decrease risk of diseases such as Diabetes , high blood pressure .the best low-fat dairy products in the world are: egg , milk , cheese and yoghurt.
7:Nuts and Seeds: nuts and seeds are delicious foods and replete of protein  , vitamins , fiber and complex carbohydrates .some of the nutritious nuts and seeds are : almonds , walnuts , sesame seeds and peanuts.
 8:Natural Sweeteners: putting natural sweeteners in your diet is the best and healthiest way for weight loss.try to use sugar less and ,instead ,use natural sweeteners  such as honey and maple syrup.
9:lean Meat and Poultry: lean meat supply essential proteins of body and has less calorie than other kinds of meats. Poultry is rich source of vitamins such as Vitamin B3 , B6 and also minerals such as Selenium and Colin .Colin is essential for better function of nervous system .the best nutritious lean meats and poultry are: Turkey , Lamb , Beef and venison. 
10:Healthy Drinks: the last but not least food are healthy drinks which besides thirst quenching , can be one of the main part of healthy nutritious diet.  Two of the most nutritious drinks are green tea that fights against various cancers and helps to better functions of heart and another one is water which prevent to harm kidneys.