Barhi Date


Yellow Khalal Barhi Dates grow and harvest lovingly in Iran. Khalal Barhi dates are one of the most delicious and sweet fresh and soft dates in the markets of Iran and world. Yellow Barhee dates have an attractive appearance with a great taste and flavor appealing to the majority of fresh dates consumers. Eating yellow barhi date never makes you feel bad but you always keen to eat it. The soft texture, pleasant yellow color, delicious flavor, full of juice, being crisp, high moisture and good source of energy, sugar and minerals are all the special features of this fresh yellow date. ARIO Date Co. is one of manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers & exporters of yellow barhi dates in the world.

Yellow Barhi Date Specification

  • Name: Barhi Dates or Barhee date
  • Variety: Fresh or Khalal
  • Color: Yellow
  • Shape: Round & Oval
  • Description: Soft Tissue, Juicy, Crisp, Meaty, Fully-Cling to The Flesh
  • Size: Small & Medium
  • Taste: Sweet & Delicious
  • Quality:
  1. 100% Natural Date
  2. Vegan
  3. Non-GMO
  4. Non- Sulphur Dioxide
  • Storage temperature: 1°C
  • Storage Instruction : Refrigerated
  • Shelf life: 2 weeks
  • Usage: direct consumption in Home
  • Packaging:
  1. Bulk: 5kg
  2. Consumer Packs: 1 kg
  • Place of Origin: Iran
  • Shipment: Reefer Container


Barhi Date Ripeness Stages

Barhi date grows and readies to be eaten in three stages of ripeness:

  • Yellow (khalal in Arabic): Fresh and crisp date with sweet juicy inside.
  • Rutab / Rotab: The start of the natural ripening process, the honey date, very soft caramel and juicy.
  • Dried and wrinkled: Natural dried Date, soft and chewy in texture concentrated sugar and nutty flavor.

Yellow Barhi Date Storage Instruction and Shelf Life

Yellow barhi date should keep in the refrigerator because yellow barhi date is too delicate and the shelf life of is is very short and should use immediately.

Yellow Barhi date Seasons/Availability

Yellow Barhi dates are available in the summer and early fall.

Yellow Barhi Dates Nutrition Values & Calories

Yellow khalal Barhi dates Nutrition values & calories for yellow barhi date. Serving Size, 100 g (5 Tbs). Amount Per Serving. Calories 163kcal. Total Fat 0.2g. Sodium 0.01g. Total Carbohydrate 8.0g. Protein 1.46g. Cholesterol 0 mg. Sugar 38.7g, Dietary Fiber 6.7g, Iron 1.28g, Magnesium 0 mg, Potassium 0 mg.

Yellow Barhi Dates Uses

Yellow Khalal Barhi Dates use as a sweet snack in home. Pitted barhi date add into the salads of fresh fruits and vegetable for interesting sweet crunch too.

Yellow Barhi Dates Supplier

We are supplier & wholesale & exporter of yellow khalal barhi dates in Iran. Yellow barhi dates are produced in Iran. Be sure to get your orders in early as early orders will have first priority and will secure availability. Yellow Khalal Barhi Dates are only available for a very limited time. We begin harvesting them from mid of August to end of September.