Dried Dates Nutrition

Most of people around the world are suffered from obesity ,  heart disease , high blood pressure and high blood sugar which the most important factor of the all diseases can be poor and unprincipled nutrition. These people should abstain from using simple sugars. In order to reduce the consumption of simple sugar , should remove sugar , candy and sweet chocolate from diet and instead , use dried dates or dried berries.

Dried Dates Fruit is a kind of ripe date which its moisture is less than 18 ℅. Dried Dates are rich source of  vitamins and essential minerals . The Date by excretion of cholesterol from the arteries is very effective in maintaining cardiovascular health and is a low calorie fruit which fights  against bad calories .Dried Dates Fruit due to its high fiber content which is an ideal source of energy is suited for weight loss and also its high fiber prevent from constipation  and clear digestive system.Dried Dates reduce Dyspepsia , heart burn and Gastric acid. It is full of calcium and moreover prevent from osteoporosis. Due to its high iron content increase blood cell production and as a result improve blood circulation .

It contains large amount of antioxidants and amino acids and because of high vitamin B  content can remove hair injuries. This fruit due to its magnesium content is anti-cancer and is very beneficial for hearing and vision ability , backache at arthritic sciatica , lung and chest treatment. The nicotine content in Dried Dates Fruit is beneficial for curing many kinds of intestinal disorders. Dates are replete of mineral  substances  which is beneficial for many different health conditions, but its  impressive levels of iron have made it as a  perfect dietary supplement for people  who are suffered  from anemia.

Regular Dried Dates Fruit consumption due to its high level of iron can gradually remove inherent lack of iron in anemic patients, increase energy and pacify feelings of hungry. One of the most important factors of dried dates fruit is its high amount  of organic sulfur in them. This is not a very common mineral to find in foods, but it has beneficial   health benefits, including the reduction of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies. Dates are very beneficial  in keeping your heart healthy. If you soak them in the water overnight, crush in the morning and consume like syrup , it has been shown that has a positive effect on weak hearts.It can be noted that the Date can boost muscle energy and general body force and also because of high amount of phosphorous and magnesium can improve memory greatly.Due to trace amount of sodium , patients with hypertension will not have any  problem , unless unbalanced consumption leads to weight gain and the last but not least point , the Dried Date Fruit should not be used more than usual , because its excessive consumption cause damage to the liver , boosting blood pressure  , oral acne and decay.