Date Vinegar

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Date Vinegar is 100% natural, delicious and semi-sweet that has high application such as natural and delicious flavor for salad, pasta, stews or sauce for meat/fish. This pasteurized vinegar is high source of nutritional values that can has a lot medicinal benefits for us such as prevent of cancer or reduce of weight & bad cholesterol or helps weak heart or bad cough. The date liquid vinegar manufacturers in black –brown color, blended processing and without any additives or preservative or color in Iran. This delicious vinegar with acidic taste is in varieties packages of crystal bottles, bulk and can.


Date Vinegar Specification

Product Type: Vinegar

Type: Fruit Vinegar

Processing Type: Blended

Form: Liquid

Color: Black -Brown


  • Natural, Delicious and Semi-Sweet
  • No Additives, Preservative, Color
  • Pasteurized Product with Acidic Taste

Nutritional Value: High Source of Fibers, Calories, Iron, Sugars and Total Carbs

Medicinal Benefits: To prevent cancer, reduce the ldl cholesterol, lose weight, get better weak hearts, helps with persistent cough and other medicinal benefits.


  • Use as Natural and delicious Flavor for foods &salad & Pasta and stews
  • Use for preparation of meat before cooking.
  • Use for salad dressing and marinating meats and vegetables
  • The Great Complementary for grilled meat and fish sauces

Place of Origin: Iran

Packaging: Crystal Bottle of 250ml,300 ml,400ml,600 ml &Bulk and Can (Tinned)