Deglet Noor Dates

Dates family  is consisted of various kinds of Dates Fruit with different characteristics in taste ,color and etc. Deglet noor Dates Fruit is one of the members of the big family of Dates which due to the its unique characteristics is differed from other kinds of Dates. Deglet noor Dates which because of its light color is called Date of light ,is one of the best kinds of Dates in the world  and is known as Queen of all Dates . Among unique characteristics of Deglet noor Dates Fruit can point to having soft texture ,light color and succulent flesh which distinguish it from different types of Date Fruit.

The most countries that the Deglet noor Dates is cultivated in are  Algeria, Libya, the united states and Tunisia. the Date Fruit originally was cultivated in  Algeria that is located on the northern coast of Africa  which is the most important producer of Deglet noor Dates Fruit .Moreover, it is worthy to remark that the harvest season of the Deglet noor Dates Fruit is started from  October through  January  and also has export value. Weather and such conditions can have direct influence on bearing crops and even its quality. Rain falling specially in fall and winter can spoil crops and lead to late- fruiting.

Its moderate sugar level , having vitamins  and  loads of minerals makes it suited to be a perfect and full-energy snack. If we make decide to bring to light some of the differences of the Deglet noor Dates Fruit compared with others such as Medjool Dates Fruit ,to sum up, these point can be noted … Medjool Dates Fruit have been called kings of Dates Fruit  due to its extreme  large size ,succulent flesh and sweet taste but  on the other hand Deglet noor Dates Fruit have small size ,light color and honey-like taste.If the storage situation of the Deglet noor Dates Fruit be ideal, it can be kept longer and even more than one year if stored in the refrigerator. But for better quality enjoy it within 6 months.