Vitamins In Dates

Dates Fruit is one of the exotic creations of God that every part of its tree is usable for man.! Dates Fruit commonly is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions in the world including Iran. The Fruit is loaded with multiple vitamins and mineral substances which because of this is considered as an complementary food. Vitamin A present in Dates Fruit has direct influence on strengthens bones and body growth.
 Its high amount of vitamin B produce nervous cells and relieve nervous tensions.  Vitamin B2  is so effective to absorb Hydrocarbons  present in the other foods. In addition to mentioned vitamins ,there are tremendous mineral substances in Dates Fruit. For instance , by consuming a couple of Dates Fruit per a day you can meet your iron requirements. Its iron content produce and repair red blood cells and consequently can gradually remove Anemia disease.
Another vital substances which is needed to be supplied for human body is magnesium .magnesium like phosphorous can improve memory activities and diabetics can instead of sugar cubes can consume Dates Fruit. Due to its magnesium content facilitate kidney and pancreas functions. Also Dates Fruits because of magnesium content boost physical power and regulate liver and kidney functions. In those regions which daily Date Fruit is common , risk of diseases and cancers is decreased , it is so effective for treatment of stomach acidity and totally is very beneficial for adults and children.
In one word Dates Fruit is a rich and nutritious food that is loaded with multiple minerals and vitamins .tiredness specially in the winter , unwillingness and different diseases are induced by lack of vitamin C in the body .so in this time by regular Date Fruit consumption to some extent remove the mentioned diseases.
Vitamin E present in the Dates Fruit is a key to boost immune system , protects cells to damage ,and so latest researches has shown that Dates Fruit due to its high amount of vitamin E has direct influence on preventing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, cataracts, and many other diseases. The mentioned vitamin can remove and easy digestive system and improve skin health and vision ability.
 Vitamin E is an vital vitamin required for the regular function of many organs in the body. It is also an antioxidant. it means that can help to slow down processes or activities that damage cells. So Date Fruit consumption regularly can makes your body healthier , supply lost and needed minerals and multiple vital vitamins such as A,B,C,D and E ,compensate their deficiency .it should be noted that Dates Fruit as an herbal medicine can also gradually prevent from severe diseases  and  keeps  your body functioning activities  in its optimal level.