Dates Fruit Nutrition Fact

Date Fruit has high nutritious value and can be classified in the fruit group. Because Date fruit has been classified in the fruit group includes all benefits of fruits and vegetables. Remember, excessive date fruit consumption due to its high amount of sugar which mostly includes simple sugar will result in weight –gain. And also its trace amount of fat level is caused to be considered as a low-fat foot. Iranian Date Fruit due to its low sodium content is not harmful for those who are suffered from high blood pressure ,unless, excessive Date Fruit consumption cause to weight-gain.
Researchers believe that Date Fruit consumption with dairy productions such as milk can remove fatigue induced by fasting. Mineral substances like phosphorous can strengthen memory functions and those who are suffered from Diabetes disease can consume Date Fruit instead of simple sugar which can facilitate kidney and pancreas functions.
It should be noted that Date Fruit should not be consumed excessively, because may increase blood pressure and cause to decay! and those who have had Diabetes disease in their family should use it carefully. The latest scientific research suggests effective date for the elimination of violence, and a source of spiritual comfort . Daily Date Fruit consumption is so recommended during Ramadan month because its high amount of fiber works as an laxative food , clear digestive system and helps to its better function.
 Regular Date Fruit consumption due to its magnesium content strengthens physical power and because of high amount of mineral substances cause to improve memory ability increasingly. Based on provided statistics , in those regions which the date is consumed regularly , balanced Date Fruit consumption can be effective for preventing of cancer. It is worthy to remark ,in some of the traditional medicine book is written that date fruit consumption produce red blood cells , decrease stomach acidity.
Produced energy by eating Date Fruit is less than simple sugar which because of this , Date Fruit consumption is better than simple sugar . since magnesium like phosphorous strengthens memory activities , those who are suffered from diabetes disease can consume it instead of sugar cube consumption because its magnesium content can facilitate kidney and pancreas functions , is anti cancer and so effective for vision , hearing , back , joint pain and chest discomfort.  Date fiber is effective on decreasing fat and supplying needed protein. The Date Fruit also is considered as the most healthiest diet which can be the best choice for those who are willing to weight loss.
And the last but not least point , the ripe Date Fruit is rich source of potassium which helps food to be digested easily and remove diarrhea disease.