Dates Fruit Benefits

Date is a traditional fruit which has been mentioned over 42 times in the Quran. Iranian date fruit is cultivated in tropical regions and has various types such as Mazafati(Kimia) Date , Piarom (Piarum) Date, Kabkab Date, Mordar Sang Date, Zahedi (Zahidi) Date and etc. the fruit is unfamiliar to some extent for European and American countries but in the Middle east and Arab countries is used as a complete and nutritious food!
Date Fruit is rich source of vitamins such as E,C,B,A and also mineral substances like phosphorous ,calcium ,iron and magnesium which each of the mentioned substances has notable effect on body health .this fruit due to its magnesium content is anticancer and beneficial for hearing ,vision ,back and joint pain. Date fruit consumption during Ramadan month is so recommended .The date fruit compensate lost energy during fasting period and because of high amount of fiber is considered as a laxative food and stops you to be constipated. Researchers say :date consumption has direct influence on fatigue induced by fasting.
Palm fiber can be useful to decrease fat level and supply protein and other mineral substances .this tropical date fruit due to its magnesium content strengthens muscle and memory and increase physical power.
Based on statistics ,those regions which the date is consumed mostly ,excessive date fruit consumption can be effective for preventing cancer! In some of the traditional medicine books is written that Date Fruit consumption produce red blood cells and decrease stomach acidity .Iranian date fruit is replete of natural fiber and also due to high amount of potassium is beneficial to strengthen nervous system .Date Fruit consumption also decrease risk of heart disease and stroke .those who are willing to gain weight can use the Date Fruit  in their diet regularly .it should be noted that produced energy by eating Date Fruit is less than simple sugar which because of this, Date Fruit consumption is better than simple sugar!
Date Fruit because of high amount of fiber is known as a laxative food and is used by those who are suffered from constipation. It is better to soak Date Fruit in the water overnight and then mix water and Date Fruit with each other to have better influence in your body! There is high amount of mineral substances such as copper and magnesium which the mentioned substances are vital and necessary factors to grow and strengthen bones . It is replete of iron that makes it a complementary food for those who have anemia ,because iron  to some extent can remove anemia and increase physical power.  To sum up, potassium is the first vital substance to increase nervous system health ,so if  consume date fruit twice a week you will help to improve nervous function and consequently having more healthier body!