Organic Medjool Date

Organic foods actually are plant and animal foods which used natural systems in the production and did not utilized chemicals such as pesticides ,  fungicides , herbicides and  have not been modified genetically .organic system means  world free poison! Organic food such as organic Medjool Date Fruit have higher nutritional value and also higher amount of calcium , iron , phosphorous , magnesium  and vitamin c. the prominent features of fresh organic Medjool Date is impressive large size , moist texture , succulent flesh, being  handpicked and sweet taste which is known as king of dates. The Date are grown organically with no fertilizer or chemicals.

Organic Medjool Date are rich source of natural fiber which by adding the date to your daily diet can be the best way to support your health. Organic Medjool Date even contains more potassium than a banana which is an important mineral for muscle contractions and heart health. The Date has high amount of vitamins than other kinds of dates.In addition to multiple vitamins have high mineral content like potassium , copper , magnesium , manganese and also trace amount of calcium , iron , zinc and phosphorous .Organic Medjool Date is replete of fiber which is so beneficial for clearing  gastrointestinal system and facilitation of its function. It is worthy to remark that those who are suffered from constipation and most of the time are actually constipated, Organic Date Fruit works a laxative drug and is considered as the best way to remove the mentioned disease. so in order to get optimal result ,they should soak 4 or 6 Organic Date Fruit in the water overnight and then in the morning consume it like syrup.
The researchers concluded that consuming any variety or kind of Dates Fruit especially Organic Date Fruit is beneficial to be added to your diet due to its antioxidants. The American Dietetic Association reports that consuming high amount of foods rich in antioxidants may help prevent diabetes, cancer, heart disease and neurological problems like Alzheimer's disease. The nicotine content in Dates is  beneficial for curing many kinds of intestinal disorders.

The color of the organic Medjool Date generally is dark color but the degree of darkness depending on the soil of the fields is different .The most important feature of the organic food like Date is that  since 3 years ago , agricultural soil have not been irrigated with wastewater and are free of heavy metals like lead. It should be noted that in Iran the only active province in the organic productions is Fars province.