Is a Date a Food?

Date is a very old Fruit which its name is mentioned 42 times in Quran . The Fruit may be unfamiliar to American people and only use it in cakes and pastries but in Middle east and specially Arabic countries its used as a complete Food. It should be noted that Date Fruit is categorized in the fruits group and includes all benefits of fruits and vegetables. Dates Fruit have always been regarded as a nutritious and special fruit , so that Muslims remember dates as a fruit from paradise.  Today Dates Fruit is considered by nutritionists and doctors for treatment of diseases. The fruits are rich source of excellent food sugar and essential vitamins which make it a food supplement.
Provided research about Dates Fruit shows that the fruit can prevent from colon and stomach cancer . produced energy in the body after eating  the date compared with other fruit is much higher. Scientists have discovered 13 vital substances and 5 essential vitamins which makes it a valuable fruit and rich food source. All parts of the palm tree can be used and an Arabic proverb say properties and benefits of a Date Fruit are days of a year.
The fruit actually are sweet, delicious and full-energy fruit that is cultivated in tropical countries makes Food for its residents. Nowadays palm cultivation due to its nutritious fruit is common at favorable geographical areas. The doctors recommended that it is better to eat a Date Fruit every day because it is very beneficial for those who suffered from constipation and can clear their digestive system. This fruit is loaded with potassium which is useful to control Diarrhea , moreover , cause to calm nerves.   However, those who have diabetes or sensitive Pancreatic should not use the fruit very much because can be harmful and cause to boost blood pressure.
It has been proven, a Date Fruit which is soaked in water overnight and is consumed in the morning is very useful for heart function. If you do it twice a week can be effective to strengthen your heart. But it should be noted that excessive Date Fruit consumption have various disadvantages and would be detrimental for human body. Date Consumption with yoghurt is not recommended and those who are diabetic and has diabetic person in the family and also those who are willing to weight loss should consume Date fruit carefully. Regular Date Fruit consumption is so beneficial for adults and children and it is better to be used instead of simple sugar such as cube sugar and sugar! And those who exercise seriously the Date Fruit can be a nutritious snack to gain lost energy.