Medjool Date palm

Medjool Date palm usually are tropical and subtropical plants and actually are native trees of the Atlantic coast of Morocco . Most of these tropical and subtropical plants can grow during the six warmest months and rainy areas make the situation hard and growth rate very slow. about three years should be spent for a rooted offshoot to bloom for the first time  , after another year it will bear crops, but ripe crops  will come after five or six years. Medjool”  Date Fruit actually is a sub variety of Dactylifera in the genus Phoenix.

It is worthy to remark that there are male and female date palm trees and just female kind of tree palm can bear crop and it is interesting to know that some commercial palm trees just have female trees and it would be very useful and profitable for palm owners. Female offshoot has slow rate of growth and takes around 18 to 36 months to develop at main palm and grow outward and finally after three or four years depending on growth rate would be separated from main palm.

The most important characteristics of the Medjool Date palm which distinguish it from other type of trees is tolerate drought and high temperatures . Medjool Date palm have faster rate of growth and if receive well water in spring and summer can have better and more crops  because fall and winter rains may spoil crops. Also the amount of fertilizer which have been added to soil can have positive effect on growth rate .Medjool Date palms usually are in sizes between 8 and 25 M of trunk and also should grow in full sun environment  and is cultivated widely in tropical countries and is used for both commercial and residential designs. And the last point , Medjool Date palms fruits depending on environmental factors may differ from each other.