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Best Quality , Competitive Price

We supply Date Fruit to all over the world

Dried Dates Fruit

Fresh dates has high amount of moisture which sometimes its moisture is more than half of the dates weight .this high amount of water prevent prolong storage of dates fruits and make restrictions in transportation and packaging processes of dates.! So by drying dates moisture level will be reduced and consequently storage capability will be more too!  drying dates results on relative increase on glucose concentration .so daily consumption of certain amount of dried dates compared with other kinds of dates will supply multiple energy for your body!

Dried dates is a kind of dates fruit which by excretion of cholesterol from arteries is very effective on cardiovascular health and is considered as a high calorie fruit which fights against harmful calorie. Its high amount of fiber is rich source of energy and suitable for weight loss. also fiber prevent from constipation and clears digestive system .it will be effective on heartburn ,dyspepsia and stomach acidity .dried dates fruit is full of calcium and moreover, prevent from arthritis and osteoporosis .the dried fruit is replete of iron that increase production of red blood cells and consequently you will have better blood circulation .its vitamin B content has direct influence on hair injuries and helps to remove it.

It should be noted that the dried dates should not be consumed excessively, because its high consumption is caused to harm liver, high blood pressure and decay .those who are suffered from diabetes or have high blood sugar should use dried dates less than others.

Shahani ,Zahedi(zahidi) ,Shakkar and Dayri are some of the Iranian dried dates fruits which each of them has unique characteristics and are differed from each other .Iranian semi-dried dates are following types: Stamaran , Piarom (piarum,Maryami), Hallawi, Shahani, Rabbi, Khazravi and Ashrasi and the most prominent cultivar provinces of the mentioned dates are Khuzestan , Hormozgan , Bushehr ,Kerman , Sistan and Baluchestan ,Fars and Ilam. Dates such as Stamaran,Piarom(Piarum,Maryami),Zahedi(Zahidi),Dayri and Khazravi has an attractive light brown color, sweet taste and succulent flesh and some of them like Dayri,Hallavi,Piarom(Piarum),Khazravi,Gantar,Zahedi(Zahidi) and Stamaran are considered as the best Iranian export dates fruits in the international markets that fortunately always has faced many welcomed in the world.

Dried dates fruits have more calorie than fresh dates which can be a full of energy snack for those who exercise seriously .but it should be pointed it out, doctors believe the fact that dried dates or berry consumption can increase sugar level and cannot be denied.! So dried fruits consumption instead of sugar cubes ,dried dates or berries would be the best choice! Doctors have recommended  dried fruits supply needed energy and are more healthier than sugar cubes or dried dates fruits!  

  • Date Fruit Production In Iran

    In recent years Iran is always one of the leading countries in date production in the world with annual production statistics  more than 1,303,000 metric tons in 2021. Date palm is grown mainly in South ,South East, and South West of  the Iran . There exists a good opportunity and a large potential for trade in this commodity in Iran. In areas where frosts do not occur the Date palm is the most characteristic representative of irrigation agriculture.

    Date Production Statistics  ( 2021 - FAO)



    Production (MT)





    Saudi Arabia



    Iran (Islamic Republic of)















    United Arab Emirates











  • Iranian Dates Exporter

    Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of dates all around the world. Dates are one of the most important agricultural products in Iran. Iran has the high production potential of date due to the high favorable climate conditions and soil. Iran has 15% of date production and 21% of the world's cultivating date. According to global statistics, more than 7 million tons of dates are produced annually in more than 38 countries, most of which date growers are West Asian and North African countries. Iran, with an annual production of more than 1 million tons of dates, is among the countries of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algeria as the major producing countries.

    The world's annual trade volume of date is more than $ 1.2 billion, and Iran is one of the world's largest exporters of dates. Iranian dates and products of dates are exported to more than 87 countries. Countries of destination for the export of Iranian dates include Belarus, Macedonia, Latvia, Austria, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Slovakia, South Africa, Afghanistan, Albania, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, USA , Italy, Bahrain, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Syria, Republic of Korea, Moldova, Central Africa, China, Denmark, Romania, Japan, Singapore, Senegal, Somalia, Sweden, Switzerland, Chile, Serbia, Iraq, Oman, Russian Federation, France, Finland,Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Canada, Croatia, Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon, Poland, Lithuania, Malta, Malaysia, Hungary, Egypt, Mexico, Mauritius, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Greece is.

    During the year, Date fruit accounts for a large volume of agricultural exports and is one of the five major agricultural exports of Iran. Exports of this product from Iran are generally located in nine categories of Mazafati (Mozafati) Dates, Sayer Dates, Rabbi Dates, Shahani Dates, Kabkab Dates, Piarom (Maryami) Dates, Zahedi (wet & dry) Dates, Lulu Dates and Kali Dates and among them, Mazafati date has been a major share of exports and Piarom (Maryami)dates are the most expensive export date in Iran.

    Date products are used directly in meals such as breakfast and in foods and desserts also used indirectly in various industries such as alcoholization, citric acid production, yeast, etc. Therefore, the market for the industrial consumption of these dates products are expanding.

    Some of Iran's date products include date powder sugar, date liquid sugar, date syrup, date paste, date juice concentrate, date vinegar, dried date powder, chopped date, industrial pitted date and other date products.

    Ario co as one of the prominent Iranian supplier and exporter of Date fruits and Products of them in internal and international markets have had impressive record in this field. Ario co use of modern technologies, equipped cold storage and considering national and international interests has become a reliable and valid supplier and exporter company of Date fruit and successfully has managed to attract foreign markets.
    The main purpose of us is providing and supplying high quality products, customer’s satisfaction and consequently a useful and efficient trade in the world.

  • Iran Dates Products

    Date SugarDate Powder Sugar

    Date sugar is a natural sugar that found more in natural food stores since it is less processed than more conventional sugars. Date Powder Sugar is 100 % natural and pure of pitted date flesh and is without any preservative or additive. The flavor of date sugar is only date, no rancid of off-flavor, sweet & mild. Date sugar uses as a natural sweetener for confectioneries, bakery, beverages (cola, tea, coffee), homemade cake and also add to recipes also uses as the natural flavor & sweetener in food & beverage industries such as confectionery, bars, snacks, chocolate, vegan chocolate, protein powder, dairy, ice creams, baked goods, baby foods, alcoholic beverage, isotonic & energetic beverages and other food & beverage industries. 


    Date PasteDate Paste

    Date Paste is a natural sweetener (No added Sugar) with highly nutritious for consumption of home and industries. Date Paste is produced of Pitted Mazafati Dates with soft tissue. It is Vegan, 100% Natural of Mazafati date, and is also 100 % Pitted. Date Puree is Pasteurized or Un- Pasteurized (Raw Date Paste) and there is not any preservative or additive. Date Pate is free from any cooked, metallic, fermented or other undesirable off odors. Iranian Date Paste is free from musty, moldy, earthy, and other undesirable off-flavors.


    Date SyrupDate Syrup

    Date syrup is a natural sweetener in your drinks, desserts, salad dressings and baking. Date Syrup is 100% vegan, natural, pure, organic and wholesome from organic Kabkab dates. It is extracted directly from Kabkab dates pieces and is not added any additive. So organic date molasses has the high percent of the nutritional value of dates. Date syrup is always available in the whole year with packaging of retail and bulk.


    Date Juice ConcentrateDate Juice Concentrate

    Date Juice Concentrate is condensed water from extracting juices of date that is manufactured during thermal and refining processes. Date concentrate taste is rather sweet and slightly pickled (Sour and sweet taste). The brix of date juice concentrate is 70 %. Date juice concentrate is an essential ingredient in industries of juice, medicine and cosmetics. This concentrate is produced with full automatic devices and packed in an aseptic bags and then packed in metal barrels.


    Date VinegarDate Vinegar

    Date Vinegar is very delicious and awesome for the recipes. For having a fantastic flavor in salads, pasta, stews, sauce of meat/fish or any recipes use date vinegar. You never get the bad feel of eating date vinegar. Our date vinegar manufactures of Iranian date pieces with natural and pure flavor of dates. The Date Vinegar is black – brown in color, semi-sweet in taste and is also without any additives or preservative or color. Iranian Date Vinegar is available in bulk quantity for the industries of Food & Beverage. This delicious vinegar with acidic taste is in varieties packages of crystal bottles, bulk and can.

    Date Liquid SugarDate Liquid Sugar

    Date Liquid Sugar is a natural sweetener produced from date syrup after extraction, refinement and taking our pectin. protein, fiber and pigment compounds with no additives. Date Liquid Sugar with 72-78 brix, includes 73% sugar. Its main sugars are Glucose and Fructose with equal percentage which are same as honey so it's considered as a healthy sweetener. Also it is competitive commercially to the other natural sweetener like honey, considering all of these, it can be a good alternative for sucrose sugar in food industries such as soft drinks & Beverages, Bakery, confectionery and ice cream. Also it can be used as healthy sweeteners in daily home usage instead of white sugar.



    Pitted Sayer DatesIndustrial Pitted Dates

    Industrial pitted dates are sayer dates variety, semi-dry with the exceptional taste & soft texture and moisture less than 16%, pitted by hand. Pitted sayer dates have naturally high in sugar, fiber and minerals and are packaged without additives or preservatives. These pitted dates are the best sweetener for industries of food, confectionery & bars & snacks & chocolate & dairy& ice creams & baked goods & baby foods & alcoholic beverage and cereal processing. Pitted sayer dates are semi-dry, black-brown, soft texture and the shelf life of it is 12 months from date production. The package of pitted dates is cartons of 10 kg or 25kg vacuum bags.

  • Other Types of Iranian Dates

    Lulu Date

    Lulu DatesLulu dates are one of the most popular types of export dates in Iran. This dried date is attractive for many customers due to its beautiful appearance and tasteful customer taste. Lulu dates, like other date varieties, have different medicinal and therapeutic properties that are effective in the treatment of various diseases, including the treatment of anemia. The phosphorus in the opium dates makes lively nerve cells more secure, hence it is used to treat neurological diseases and relax more in traditional medicine. Lulu date has the moisture under 15% and stores in room temperature with the shelf life more than 12 months. Lulu dates are available in retail and bulk package.


    Rotab Kabkab Date

    Rotab Kabkab DateKabkab Rotab Date is one of the sweetest and most delicious type of fresh dates in Iran. Rotab kabkab date is soft wet type of kabkab with yellow and light brown color. This golden rotab date is very popular in Iran because of soft texture, high syrup and unique taste. You never get the bad feel of eating Kabkab Rotab Date but it is very pleasant and tasty and you dissolve it in the mouth very easy. The shelf life of Iran rotab dates is 12 months if keep it in cool place. The package of this rotab date is small plastic buckets with lids from 500 grams to 1 kg, a mother carton contains 10/12 buckets.


    Yellow Khalal Barhi Date  

    Yellow Khalal Barhi DateYellow Khalal Barhi Dates grow and harvest lovingly in Iran. Khalal Barhi dates are one of the most delicious and sweet fresh and soft dates in the markets of Iran and world. Yellow Barhee dates have an attractive appearance with a great taste and flavor appealing to the majority of fresh dates consumers. Eating yellow barhi date never makes you feel bad but you always keen to eat it. The soft texture, pleasant yellow color, delicious flavor, full of juice, being crisp, high moisture and good source of energy, sugar and minerals are all the special features of this fresh yellow date.

  • Iran Dates Export Value in 2021

    Iranian Dates Export Value in 2021 to the whole world is more than 170,000,000 U SD according aggregated market access indicators in ITC. Iran has always been at the top of the major date exporting countries. Announced by FAO in 2021, Iran (Islamic Republic of) is the third country of date production in the world with annual production more than 1,303,000 metric tons. Iran is one of the oldest and well-trust and diverse dates exporter to the world. There are various types of Iranian dates which have the high demand in the around the world: Bam Mazafati Dates, Sayer Dates (Pitted & Un-pitted), Rabbi Dates, Piarom Dates, Kalute Dates, Zahedi Dates, Lulu Dates, Shahani Dates, Yellow Khalal Barhi Dates, Kabkab Rotab Dates and Medjool dates.

    Iran Dates Export Value in 2021 (ITC)


    Export Value (U SD)


    Export Value (U SD)  


    Export Value(U SD)























    Syrian Arab Republic












    South Africa




    Bosnia and Herzegovina


    New Zealand






















    North Macedonia
















    United Kingdom