Mazafati Dates

Mazafati Dates

Mazafati Date (Pitted Mazafati Date & Unpitted Mazafati Date) is the most popular and biggest-selling wet date in Iran and around the world. This wet date has high demands in most of the countries such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium and other countries. Maybe it be funny for you Mazafati Date has good demands in United State markets also.

Iranian Mazafati Date demand for the purchase has risen to any locally market by anyone who once eaten it and it has different factors such as great taste, delicious flavor, soft texture, pleasant black color and attractive appearance. For these factors, we Manufacturer and Supply the Mazafati Date Paste for "Mazafati Lovers". You never get the bad feel of eating Mazafati Date Pieces. It is very delicious when you eat it with coffee, tea, milk and boiling water instead of sugar. Pls try it once.


Mazafati Date Features

Mazafati Date is known with another names bam mazafati date, bam date, rotab date & kimia date. Mazafati date is a wet date and the moisture max is 25 % so it should keep in special temperature of 0 – 5 C. If stored in this temperature you can use it for more than 12 months. This delicious date is available in two type of fresh mazafati dates & semi fresh mazafati dates. The packaging of fresh mazafati date is in small cartons boxes & plastic boxes of 300 g to 650 g and for semi fresh mazafati date is in colorful cardboard boxes of 5 kg.


Mazafati Date Health Benefits

Mazafati dates contain iron, vitamin A (useful for the health of the eye), potassium (useful for the heart), and magnesium that help to cure diabetes, blood pressure and depression. Mazafati Dates are rich in fructose, a lot of it is harmful to the body. Mazafati dates are full of fiber and prevent constipation. Dry and fresh dates are full of energy. Athletes use mazafati dates to receive energy before each match because the body receive the energy of wet dates (mazafati date & wet zahedi date & kabkab date) sooner than dry dates. Mazafati date are very useful and delicious. If you are going to lose weight, in addition to daily exercise, take fresh dates. There are different carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins in fresh mazafati date which creates a feeling of satiety.


Mazafati Date Price

Mazafati date price depends on details of your inquiry. For inquiry of mazafati date price exactly, you must specify these items: type of mazafati in request, the total quantity mazafati in request, type and weight of mazafati date packaging in request and destination (City - Country). Pls contact us to get the mazafati date wholesale price and mazafati date retail price. We will give you the best rate with the most attractive services for your business.