Date Syrup For Diabetics

Date Syrup

Is natural date syrup good for diabetics? Date molasses for Diabetes – Is It Safe? These concerns are for this reason that natural date molasses is sweet and the percent of its natural sugar is high so can we add it in diet plan of diabetes patients or not? This matter is very important for diabetics and there are a lot questions about this matter that we only mention some of them. In this report, we try to response it clearly and simply.
Many people are not interested in eating the date syrup and even the raw dates because they think that the date molasses increases blood sugar levels. Fortunately, several studies have proven that this opinion is wrong completely. According to a study published by the Nutrition Journal in 2011, consumption of dates and date products are not harmful for diabetes patients. This study shows that dates have low glycemic index and do not increase blood sugar level after eating them while their natural sugar is high. Although we have proven that natural date molasses is not harmful for diabetes patients but paying attention to these issues is very important for more health:
if you have diabetes patients, we recommend you to consult with your doctor about adding date syrup to your diet and how many Tbsp (tablespoons) of organic date syrup you can use daily?
We usually specify a special diet for diabetics and in the list (diabetic diet), we remind that 2 to 3 dates pieces is one fruit unit. If you eat 2 to 3 dates today, you must remove one of your allowed fruits.
We advise balanced consumption of date molasses for all people (diabetic and non-diabetic) and the daily consumption should be specified. Our recommendation is for this reason that some people believe that the date sugar is fructose sugar and don't have any harmful for us While the excessive consumption will attract sugar and calorie production and will increase blood sugar levels in a long time. In general, we should not be excessive in consuming anything while we have diabetic or non-diabetic patients.
In the end, we should always keep in mind that the balanced consumption of dates and date products every day will keep our healthy and correct use of its benefits.