Special sell of Iranian Dates-Ramadan 2019

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Special sell of dates types for Ramadan month 2019 has started. For the most attractive price range of all types of Iranian dates, you must specify these items: type of Iranian date in request, the total quantity in request, type and weight of packaging in request and destination (seaport or airport or place of delivery).

All types of dates (mazafati, kimia, Piarom, rabbi, sayer, zahedi, kabkab, lulu, Shahani, kali) are delicious fruits that are consumed especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Traditionally, a date is the first thing to be consumed during Iftar when the fast is broken. It is recommended that you begin your Iftar by eating 2-3 dates, the date sugar provide sugar you need and help restore the blood sugar after fasting. One of the most common causes of headache or dizziness during Ramadan is low blood glucose, that is why it is very helpful to eat dates at the onset of Iftar and it is recommended.

Nutrition experts believe that it is best for fasting people to use dates or raisins to start Iftar, because they both control appetite and prevent to eat a lot food.

Properties and nutritional notes of dates

  • Dates are a type of fruit that provides vitamins A, B, C, E, and also mineral materials including phosphorus, calcium, iron, and magnesium.
  • Dates effective in preventing of increase in blood pressure and anemia, and also neutralize gastric acid through their antioxidant effects
  • Dates can be used as a portable snack and it is recommended that Fasting get used to taking dates as a substitute for Synthetic sugar with tea in Iftar
  • Dates is good of iron, folic acid, protein and fat, which provide energy for the body due to the carbohydrate contained in it, consuming three pieces of it include 60 kilocalories.

Ramadan/Fitr is Coming very soon (Start the second week of May) And Please let us know if you have any new order enabling us to offer you our best prices and book your shipments from now for on time delivery.

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